Tourist Bible of Serbia

A voluminous guide through cultural heritage of Serbia, printed alongside in Serbian and English, this representative book has long been a bestseller in bookshops. “Not so much a guide through space as through time, less geography and more history and story, less a travel guide and more a reference book, less an encyclopedia and more an attempt to identify in Serbian heritage, more often tragic than happy, the civilization values preserved through centuries, what has marked the Serbs forever as a European nation and Serbia as an important European re­gi­on.” In hard cover and several variants of leather cover, lavishly illustrated, written with masterful simplicity and reliable insights, this is a concise textbook on Serbian history and culture, the book for each Serbian house and library, in all meridians.
Award: “Gutenberg”, at the Book and Graphic Fair in Ba­nja­lu­ka, 2006.

Format: 19x19 cm
Volume: 464 pages


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